Sharon in her studioFor more than three decades Sharon Steuer has pioneered the merging of traditional and digital fine art. Sharon’s recent work often incorporates letters or handwritten text with her paintings and collages. In the “Letters from her Father” series, she creates imaginary worlds of childhood from adult chaos. Her multimedia art installation, “For Her Own Good,” poses taboo questions about genetic surveillance and medical privacy. You can also find her secretly drawing portraits of unsuspecting riders on public transit. Her artwork has been recognized with the Faber Birren Color Award, the Windsor Newton Painting award, and a Connecticut Commission on the Arts Fellowship Grant.

Sharon is the author of numerous books and articles about creating art with digital tools, including the best-selling Adobe Illustrator WOW! Books series, which received the Benjamin Franklin award three times for “best computer book,” and Creative Thinking in Photoshop. You can watch her online “Artistic Painting” courses at, and she is a frequent contributor to

Sharon lives in San Francisco with her husband (SF State professor of sound and radio), Jeff Jacoby, who is also author of sound-for-video courses on To keep up to date with her postings about art and life, please find her on Facebook or Twitter, and sign up for her occasional newsletters or  blog. If you wish to collaborate with Sharon on ways to ensure that cities prioritize community and cultural spaces, ask her about the Cultural Space Coalition.

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