Small World, 2005, traditional and digital collage, paper, mirror, wax, lucite, mylar, plastic, paint, wax, toys, turntable, oil drum, music, 32″h X15″d X 15″w

This music box sculpture was created by Sharon Steuer, and produced in collaboration with with Arthur Steuer (lyrics and music), Christina Ford (music), Dave Christenten (oil drum cutting), and Jeff Jacoby (video).

The sculpture was exhibited in “Oil Drum Art” exhibits and catalogs, and in the ALL gallery (New Haven, CT). It’s now in a private collection.


Oil Spirit, 2005, aluminum foil, paint, fabric, wire, oil drum, nails, rubber, glue, screening, 62″h X72″d X 60″w

This kinetic sculpture was exhibited in “Oil Drum Art” exhibits, and it no longer exists. (Thanks to Dave Christenten for executing the oil drum cuts.)

Oil Drum Art is a project conceived by Jack Lardis to “promote artwork that advocates reduced petroleum consumption for a more livable planet.”