Are your backups safe? My latest CreativePro posting: Mac backups to the “cloud” (with Cookie Segelstein)

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Shortly after I moved from CT to San Francisco, my mother reported that she found the most amazing woman to help her with her computer woes. She extolled the endless virtues of the ever-patient Cookie Segelstein (aka, and I heard many stories about how this computer guru-trainer-fixer had become her savior. Then Cookie told my mom that she, too, was moving to the Bay Area. Cookie has (thank goodness!) continued to help my mom using virtual connections, and shared desktops, and even though we live on the opposite sides of the San Francisco/East Bay divide, Cookie and I finally met a few years ago, at Macworld.

In fact, it turns out Cookie and I have both have a mutual friend, Dan Peck; I know Dan from years of Macworld, and Cookie knows Dan from Klezmer camp (they’re both professional klezmer musicians!). Cookie, Dan, and I have now formed a new tradition of walking the Macworld show together. This year, because Cookie is years ahead of me in backing up via offsite services (the cloud), she agreed to help me summarize the cloud-based backup services we saw Macworld. This article, now live at CreativePro, is called “Cloud Backup Solutions.