First, take a look at the view from the 2nd floor of the new Workspace Artists SF building!
My studio (which is not quite set up in this photo) is the front-right corner.

and a self-portrait drawing on my easel:

And my first little painting in the new studio:

Now for a few recent collages not yet posted elsewhere on this site.
All of the imagery is extracted from my drawings, paintings, letters my father sent to me as a child, and… well, other collages. The source imagery is then printed on paper or fabric and cut and collaged, and often then drawn or painted upon. These are mostly fabric collages.

Two Faced Dog (fabric collage on cradled board)

Angel On Trial (fabric collage on canvas)



I Will Fly Away… (blue feathers), (oil painting on fabric collage on cradled board)



I Will Fly Away (pieces 2), (fabric collage on cradled board)