Freedom Fries Art Collective’s The Opening Act: Dissent is Democracy
Event producers: Sharon Steuer & Jeff Jacoby
Wolf News producer: Sean Hannon

In October 2005, 60 artists collaborated as the Freedom Fries Art Collective to create what we called “The Opening Act: Dissent is Democracy”—an immersive multi-media art installation-as-protest to what we saw as the threat to our nation’s democracy. More than 1000 people attended the event over the weekend of City Wide Open Studios. As the decline of democracy has recently taken a further plunge, we are contemplating our next act…

Above is the sizzle reel from The Opening Act and below are a few of the graphics and photos from the event.
And… please let us know if you’d like to be involved in our next project.

Visitors entering the exhibit were given rose-colored glasses.

And were asked to sign a pledge and given a loyalty oath card.

Visitors were instructed to keep their glasses on when in this special area…

but only if they removed their rose-colored glasses could they read the important news stories (ignored by “mainstream media”) as they were printed in rose-colored ink.

Episodes of the Wolf News Network ran throughout the day.

Visitors were alerted to changes in flavored alert levels

Live “Truth in Jeopardy” shows were staged throughout the weekend. 

Of course there were clowns in the press corps during presidential briefings.

Iraq war propaganda was given prominent exposure.

Professional and student videographers and photographers were part of the crew.

And of course there had to be live musicians!

And again… please let us know if you’d like to be involved in our next project.

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