October 2013 STEUER ARTNews

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October 2013 STEUER ARTNews

10-13 STEUER ARTNews

My latest STEUER ARTNews is a packed list of: projects I’ve been working on (including my second “Artistic Painting” course on lynda.com), details on where you can see my art (Open Studios this weekend, artwork at Cafe St. Jorge, Artspan Gallery, soon at STUDIO Gallery), and info on where you can join me for live presentations on my creative workflow (the VMA conference on 11/6, AI/PS User Group Meeting at Adobe on 12/12).

This is probably the last newsletter of 2013, so I hope that you keep in touch via facebook, twitter, or by subscribing to this blog. In order to get the STEUER ARTNews emailed to you directly a few times a year, simply fill out the mini form on the right side of this page next to Sign Up For Sharon’s Newsletter and click the Add me! button (you can also subscribe from a link at the bottom of the current newsletter). You can see past newsletters here.

Now, please excuse me, it’s time to get back to my studio to finish preparations for Open Studios this weekend!