Profile of our sweet Bear while she was young and “robusto”

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Profile of our sweet Bear while she was young and “robusto”

Our Bear the cat is all fur and bones now at almost 18, but she was once plenty “robusto.” In fact there was a period of time when we had to put her on a diet and called her “Little Lotta” (which you’ll get if you’re old enough to remember and were in the cultural zone of Richie Rich comics).

She’s still very sweet, looks us in the eye, cuddles plenty, and occasionally still has a little spunk left in her. I did take some videos of her playing catch, and doing yoga with me, so when I get to uploading them I’ll post links.

Her brother Puma died a few years ago, which was really tough for Jeff and Bear and me. Then after about a year Bear discovered that she was finally the entire focus of attention in the house, and so she settled into basking in the luxury of being the one-and-only Top Cat. There are a lot of things ailing her, but she never complains, sits between us when we watch a movie, and during the day she just wants to enjoy sitting in the sun if it’s cool, the shade if it’s warm. My goal is to enjoy every moment we have with her, and to be open to the lessons that she still has to teach me about the cycle of life.

Oh, here’s that drawing that I did of Bear in profile when she was young, and sturdy and fluffy.