My oil paintings range in size from miniature to mural-sized, and are mostly oil on linen or handmade gesso panels. I work both "from life" and in an improvisational process that I'm currently calling "not from life." The "not from life" paintings evolve slowly (in a few cases over a decade), often beginning by my "painting-over" an earlier work until a new image emerges. I frequently digitize in-process and final paintings, which are then incorporated into digital collages and printed on archival materials. These prints then become source materials for actual collages. You can see fragments from many of my paintings in my collages (or choose "Letters from my father" from the Artist menu above). You'll also see some of my doll portraits in the "For Our Own Good" series. There are honestly hundreds of paintings (including oil portraits) waiting for digital attention, so please keep checking back as I'll get more posted up here as time permits. Click on an artwork thumbnail below to enlarge it here.