When in Illustrator I hope you take some time to experiment with some of the newer creative features.

And when in Photoshop, remember to always (that is ALWAYS!!) work non-destructively—adding layers, adjustment layers, layer masks, smart objects, smart filters, and saving versions of your work as it progresses.

Below are some collected resources for you—please email me if there’s something missing, or you’d like to request a topic for an upcoming CreativePro.com post in the new Digital Art Studio series.


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This first post in The Digital Art Studio series talks about working non-destructively in Photoshop, and walks you through setting up a few shortcuts to customize your workspace.

The Digital Art Studio

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Direct links for each of Sharon’s courses:
Artistic Painting with Illustrator: Object-Creation Brushes
Artistic Painting with Illustrator: Natural Media Brushes

And here are some of Sharon’s lynda.com movies on YouTube.


Below are links to two CreativePro articles that involve rasters (Photoshop images) as brushes in Illustrator:

How to Prepare Raster Images for Use with Illustrator Brushes
by Sharon Steuer

STEUER-Pattern brush


Creating a Pattern Brush in Illustrator CC Using a Raster Image
by Lisa Jackmore


In addition to Sharon’s “how to” articles on CreativePro.com,
See these CreativePro articles by the WOW! team:
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