Sharon in her studio

For almost four decades, artist and author Sharon has explored the merging of traditional and digital painting, drawing, printmaking and collage. In her ongoing “Letters from her Father” series, she creates imaginary worlds of childhood from adult chaos. In her evolving series “For Our Own Good: How My Life-saving Surveillance Destroyed Democracy,” she exposes intimate details about her potentially deadly inherited genetic defect to illuminate how unfettered technology poses dire racialized societal threats.

Sharon’s artwork has appeared in many books and magazines, and has been exhibited widely. Her art has received the national Faber Birren Color Award, a Windsor Newton Painting award, a Connecticut Commission on the Arts Fellowship Grant, and a 2023 San Francisco Artist Grant from the SF Arts Commission.

Sharon is also the author of numerous books and articles about creating art with digital tools, including the fourteen editions of the best-selling Adobe Illustrator WOW! Books series (with three Benjamin Franklin awards for “best computer book”), and Creative Thinking in Photoshop. Her “Artistic Painting” courses were created for LinkedIn Learning/, and her Digital Art Studio column is published by

Sharon lives in San Francisco with her sound-artist husband (and SF State professor of sound and radio), Jeff Jacoby, who is also author of sound-for-video courses on Jeff, her longtime colleague, Howard el-Yasin, and public advocacy non-profit Media Alliance, are currently collaborating on the development of a large-scale, immersive, multimedia art installation based on her “For Our Own Good” works.

Please contact Sharon to inquire about purchasing art, commissions, or if you wish to collaborate on activist art projects, or sign up for her occasional STEUERArtNews. While distressed by the state of corporatized social media, she still posts on Instagram, and she’ll connect with you if you message her there. You can also see her recent art posts from Instagram here.

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